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*Please make sure to read the rules and details on page before applying.

Program Details

14 June 2021

Applications are open!


30 July 2021 23:59

Last day of the applications! Hoy! Hurry up!


10 August 2021

Announcement of the participant list


15  August 2021

Announcement of workshops schedule open for all Çek-Yat followers


20 - 30 August 2021

Workshops! It will be an online series


03 - 04 - 05 Sep. 2021



03 Sep.

13.00 - 18.00

Welcome to Çek-Yat ‘21! It’s the Nesin Villages! Go, tour the village, settle in your dorm, meet other participants. And say hi to us too.


Opening Meeting


Announcement of the theme of the year and the first minute of the 48 hours!


First dinner at the Bol Kepçe aww!

04 Sep.


Breakfast and the deadline to the set up the crews

Feedback Meeting


05 Sep.


48:00.00 and the Çek-Yat ‘21 film jam is over

22.00 - ???

Çek-Yat ‘21 After Party!


Awards Ceremony insert epic music

06 Sep.

The Last Breakfast nooo!


By this time, you should have said goodbye to us and set off. Because life is being on the roa… no, no. We need to clean these up. Guys… you have to go at some point.

​Rules ​

  • The competition is open to all participants over the age of 18.

  • All items of competitors are under their own responsibility. The Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam and/or the Nesin Villages Association cannot be held responsible for stolen and/or lost items.

  • The competition will be based on Nesin Villages and includes the whole Şirince. It is strictly forbidden for the contestants to shoot outside the borders of Şirince and to use these images in their films.

  • In case of damage to any area within the village boundaries, the person responsible for the damage will be disqualified from the competition.

  • It is strictly forbidden for the competing groups to get help from anyone other than the other competitors. If this situation is detected, the groups will be disqualified.

  • It is strictly forbidden to stay outside of the event area during the competition.

  • It is strictly forbidden to submit a film which shot before the competition.

  • Films must be submitted 48 hours after the start of the competition. Late submissions will not be evaluated.

  • Any action that may harm the operation of the competition; frenzy, violence, harassment, substance use, leaving the event area for a long time, etc. are causes for disqualification.

  • The length of the films must be at least 3 minutes and at most 10 minutes, including the credits.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use pre-recorded visuals in the movies.

  • Contestants accept that all legal and penal responsibilities regarding the copyrights of the films belong to them. The Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam Management cannot be held legally responsible for any problems arising from copyrights. If the contestants violate the copyrights of third parties by means of the work, the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam Management is obliged to compensate for any direct and indirect damages they may incur.

  • Applicants must fill in all the fields in the online application form and complete their application by the deadline of 30 July 2021, 23:59 at the latest.

  • The selected participants will be published on the social media accounts and website of the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam on August 10, 2021, in two lists as main and alternate.

  • The nutrition and accommodation expenses of the participants during the event are covered by the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam. All expenses other than these belong to the participants themselves.

  • Participants are required to attend the workshops that will be held online in August. Sharing audios and/or images of these workshops is strictly prohibited.

  • Selected participants must state their participation in the event within 10 days at the most from the day they are accepted.

  • Award-winning groups are obliged to publish the award status with the logo of the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam, in the opening or closing credits of the films, in the press releases they publish, in the newspaper advertisements, and in all kinds of promotional media related to the film.

  • Gobo Collective and Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam will have the rights to disseminate, reproduce, display and distribute the films that will be shot in the event in all kinds of promotional channels.

  • The participants give the right to the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam to use the images to be taken by the production team during the event in printed, written, and digital media.

  • Participants give permission to the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam to share their contact information with the partner institutions and organizations of the event.

  • There is no equipment restriction in the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam.

  • The animals used in the films must not be harmed.

  • The Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam reserves the right to change the rules.

  • The right to make any changes in the text of these rules and other matters that are not determined, the decision authority is the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam Management.

  • Each participant who applies to the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam is deemed to have accepted the rules above.


Nesin Villages, Şirince / İzmir

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